Agenda at a Glance

June 1, 2016
  • 7:35 AM
    Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:30 AM
    Opening Keynote
    Innovation: No Country for Old Men? Colliding Disruptive Digital Marketing and Consumer Trends

    Who says disruption is the privileged territory of the young, brash, and idealistic with little to lose? Hear from the President of the banking phenomenon Moven on launching one of the most innovative financial start-ups. Recognize how mobile payments, social, and big data are shaping the way people think about money and everyday banking. Morph your organization to bank on:

    • Disruptive “threats” and emerging trends
    • New distribution models and crowd-sourced business
    • Digital marketing that inspires, engages and captivates

    Reinvent your organization to keep pace with the next generation of customers.

  • 9:30 AM
    Special Address
    Strategic Considerations for Digital Marketing Transformation in Financial Services

    BNY Mellon is blending heritage and innovation to reinvent its 231 year-old brand in the digital age. Devise strategies to overcome antiquated technology, eliminate under-performance, and quantify your digital ROI. Create an achievable roadmap to:

    • Avoid design by committee and define content strategy
    • Combine mobile first design with intuitive user experience
    • Establish a measurement framework through KPIs
    • Integrate cloud technologies to push performance and meet compliance

    Bring theory into practice and transform your digital marketing strategy.

  • 10:15 AM
    Mid-morning Networking Break

    Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

  • 10:45 AM
    Special Address
    Moving Beyond “Social Media” in Financial Services

    Facebook, Instagram and other communication networks have become Canadians’ primary channel for communication and discovery. With these platforms having higher usage than any other media, acquiring fans and thinking about “social media” can no longer be just add-ons to your core marketing plan. Learn how top financial organizations in Canada and globally are driving measurable business outcomes and accelerate your journey.

  • Big Data & Optimization
    • Track Chair
      Track Chair
    • 11:30 AM
      Interactive Workshop
      Capture Value through Real-time Adjudication in the Digital World

      It’s a rapidly-changing world for lenders; face-to-face communication is largely replaced by online customer interaction. Today’s customers want quick turnaround and excellent service. Learn about innovative solutions alternative lenders are developing with Big Data to disrupt the market. This interactive workshop will fire up your vision to:

      • Spot the value of underserved markets
      • Drive strategic innovation in your organization
      • Develop exciting ways of responding to customer need

      Spark innovation with digital adjudication to improve your real-time decision making.

  • 12:15 PM
    Networking Luncheon

    Join speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

  • Big Data & Optimization
    • 1:15 PM
      Optimization Panel
      Measurement & Attribution – Testing Approaches to Strengthen Your ROI Decisions

      Recognize how top financial organizations leverage big data to engage and serve customers. Demystify testing to personalize your customer’s journey and produce exceptional marketing results. Utilize data to:

      • Refine content and advertising to drive conversion
      • Implement A/B and complex multi-variant testing
      • Improve attribution models to better allocate marketing spend
      • Track online and offline behaviours

      Apply testing to improve your campaigns and overall marketing efficiency.

    • 2:15 PM
      Data Analytics Panel
      Putting Data to Work – Exploit Your Data for Business Success

      We live in a data rich world, but simply having access to data isn’t enough. See how financial organizations can make sense of big data and hone marketing strategies. Generate actionable insights to improve all levels of your planning process. Realize how to:

      • Visualize and convert internal data
      • Find new and existing opportunities
      • Extract intelligence for strategic planning

      Use analytics to effectively guide your marketing strategy and planning.

  • 2:45 PM
    Mid-afternoon Networking Break

    Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

  • 3:15 PM
    Case Study: American Express
    Insights to Intent – Deconstructing Customer Behaviours to Build an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

    American Express has strived beyond traditional marketing data to achieve a 360 view of their customer. Hear the in-depth research behind Amex’s success with engaging the consumer audience. Derive insights on how to track and enhance your customer experience along the journey. Create a winning approach to:

    • Reach customers in new and innovative ways
    • Use mobile to enhance digital experience
    • Ensure effective customer retention and ROI

    Attain key lessons from an award-winning brand to better understand your customer behaviours.

  • 4:00 PM
    Drive Competitive Insights and Optimize Advertising Effectiveness using Online Measurement

    The opportunities for consumers to engage with financial institutions online have never been so diverse – or important. Hear how Canadian Banks and FIs are benchmarking performance on desktop and mobile channels. Take away a State of the Digital Nation analysis detailing the latest trends in Canadians’ online behaviour and maximize your return on digital investments in 2015.

  • 4:20 PM
    Power Panel: Impactful Storytelling
    Foster Engagement, Share of Voice and Customer Growth with Credible and Compelling Content

    Content is a critical piece to cultivate affinity, better customer experience, and build trust. Develop strategies to raise your brand equity and acquisition. Increase social uptake and search visibility with content that’s worth sharing. Gather new ideas to:

    • Define an authentic brand with the right balance of sales and engagement
    • Optimize allocation between paid, earned and owned
    • Measure content ROI – understanding engagement and loyalty
    • Explore trends in content production and native advertising

    Increase your messaging impact and build high value audiences through content.

  • 5:15 PM
    Cocktail Reception Sponsored by: Google

    Network with industry leaders while enjoying some of the best Toronto has to offer. Start by joining fellow delegates and speakers for complimentary appetizers.

    Sponsored by:

June 1, 2016
June 2, 2016
  • 7:45 AM
    Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • 8:10 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
  • 8:20 AM
    Keynote Address
    The Next Digital Frontier – Improving Profitability & Staying Relevant in the Digital Era

    In less than a decade, there are nearly 2 billion people interacting on social networks to connect, engage and build relationships. Join a thought-provoking analysis on how financial services can engage with consumers and improve profits in the ever-expanding digital economy. Get an insider’s perspective on:

    • Making the case for change within your organization
    • Implications and opportunity cost of not being where your customers are
    • Why and how FIs and advisors must embrace digital technology

    Challenge conventional marketing approaches and position your business for digital success.

  • 9:05 AM
    Power Panel: Omni-Channel
    Overcome Organizational Barriers to Build a Customer Centric, High Performing Digital Ecosystem

    See how financial trendsetters enhance customer loyalty and achieve business priorities with digital marketing. Rise above pockets of innovation to empower your brand at every touch-point and channel. Develop a cohesive platform to:

    • Better position branding and assets across channels
    • Remove silos and deliver cost savings
    • Identify emerging engagement and revenue models
    • Make sense of performance data and benchmarks

    Build a holistic marketing ecosystem and catalyze your organization’s digital growth from within.

  • 9:50 AM
    Digital Cross-channel Integration

    Incorporate great digital across channels for maximum impact – in-branch, online, B2B, mobile, and social. Create efficiencies and achieve quick time to market to give your clients a Rich Experience!

  • 10:10 AM
    Mid-morning Networking Break

    Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

  • Mobile Marketing
    • Track Chair
      Track Chair
    • 10:40 AM
      Power Panel: Mobile
      Grow Market Share by Increasing Penetration via Mobile Marketing and Integration

      Mobile has continually transformed how consumers interact and transact. Go beyond mobile banking to increase awareness, engagement, and acquisition for your brand. Access consumers and improve revenue with advice from thought leaders to:

      • Generate value from mobile interactions – SMS, apps, mobile web
      • Use mobile as an effective advertising platform
      • Activate contextual calls-to-action
      • Couple convenience and customer value

      Create contextualized and personalized opportunities to drive conversion.

    • 11:25 AM
      Moments That Matter – Understanding Today’s Mobile Consumer

      The shift to mobile means that people are constantly connected. With so much power in their pockets, users’ expectations have never been higher. Understand how mobile moments are defining consumer behavior and win with moment-centric strategies. Discover:

      • How mobile has changed us as consumers
      • The impact of mobile on the purchase journey
      • How international marketers are addressing the opportunity

      Satisfy your customer expectations on demand - where and when they want it.

    • 11:55 AM
      Expert Panel
      The Future of Mobile Loyalty and Payment

      The 2012 Canadian NFC Mobile Payments Reference Model Guidelines paved the way for mobile payments to become mainstream for merchants and consumers. Identify threats, risks, and opportunities you face as a financial services player. Source insights to:

      • Strategize marketing’s role in mobile transaction and loyalty
      • Refine collaboration models with telecoms, retail giants and issuers
      • Stay up to date on new entrants – Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Ugo, Citi Wallet

      Map out your implementation plan for the changing mobile commerce ecosystem.

    Customer Experience
    • Track Chair
      Track Chair
    • 10:40 AM
      Industry Expert
      Unlocking the Millennial Puzzle – How to Engage Millennials in Financial Conversations and Grow Your Business

      No one will argue that millennials are difficult to target. This generation doesn’t engage with financial institutions or brands their parents may covet. Understand how financial organizations can:

      • Engage millennials in conversations
      • Help bridge the gulf with cause marketing
      • Convert conversations into revenue and future business growth

      Attract a new generation of customers to sustain your pipeline.

    • 11:15 AM
      Best Practices
      Connect the Customer Experience with an Integrated Digital Marketing Platform

      Every financial institution aspires to deliver superior cross-channel customer experiences. Increase customer engagement, retention, and drive sales from digital channels. Gather strategies from top retail banks, insurance companies, and wealth management firms. Take away:

      • The latest perspectives and digital marketing trends for financial services
      • Tools for data driven marketing, mobile & cross-channel experience
      • Case studies to advance your digital transformation

      Harness the full power of digital through integrated digital marketing.

    • 11:50 AM
      Case Study: Sun Life Financial
      Leverage Gamification to Elevate Financial Literacy, Engagement and Sales

      Financial products are often complicated and require education. Incorporate gamification to excite your consumers, encourage interaction, and affect positive behaviours. Learn to:

      • Differentiate between promotions and gaming
      • Incentivize behavioural modification through gaming psychology
      • Align your internal resources and departments
      • Design mechanics to broaden appeal and trigger viral campaigns

      Increase awareness, engage clients, and improve sales with gamification.

  • 12:40 PM
    Networking Luncheon

    Join speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

  • Disruptive Marketing
    • 1:45 PM
      Case Study: Capital One
      Embracing Digital Disruption – How to Adapt Your Marketing Team to the Speed of Digital

      By incorporating design thinking and agile processes, Capital One overhauled its marketing organization to thrive in a digital environment. Seize opportunities and confront challenges in financial marketing.

      • Create user experiences that will impress today’s mobile customers
      • Build customer advocacy – untapped opportunities in Canada
      • Validate digital investments and new ways to engage
      • Use customer feedback as the foundation of innovation

      Acquire valuable lessons on how you can stay ahead of the digital revolution.

    • 2:30 PM
      Search 3.0
      Outperform the Competition – The Intersection of Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

      Search engines can become significant revenue streams for organizations that fully understand the consumer mindset. Advance your search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing techniques.

      • Create content that your target market wants to consume
      • Implement tactics to grow an audience
      • Get blog or website visitors to share and distribute your work
      • Build links through content-driven strategies

      Integrate SEO with content marketing and social media to enhance results.

    Display & Automation
    • 1:45 PM
      B2B Marketing Automation
      Account-Based Marketing – How to Increase Conversion Through B2B Personalization

      Many marketers spend time and money building personas so they can “speak” to B2B buyers. But too often, they use generic content that doesn’t deliver results. Target your top customers with personalized messages that drive engagement and convert leads. Leverage:

      • Core principles of account-based marketing
      • Best practices for onsite and offsite personalization
      • Real life tactics from successful companies to drive growth

      Generate more revenue by personalizing for accounts that matter the most.

    • 2:30 PM
      Automation Panel
      Integrate CRM with Marketing Data to Enhance Conversion and Lift Sales

      To drive prospects into business deals, organizations must have the ability to qualify leads and respond to customer needs. Harness your CRM system and automation to create synergies within sales and marketing. Get practical tips to:

      • Enhance alignment and sales integration
      • Analyze intent to automate appropriate actions
      • Generate, score, and nurture leads
      • Link campaign performance to sales

      Use automation to focus your marketing and increase revenue.

  • 3:15 PM
    Mid-afternoon Networking Break

    Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

  • 3:30 PM
    Case Study: Brown Brothers Harriman
    Making Great Ideas Real – Overcome All Points of Failure and Deliver Great New Products

    Hear how America’s oldest and largest private bank developed a successful innovation program that launched multiple enterprise technology products. Build a strong culture of innovation at your organization to generate new revenue. Cultivate an organic environment to:

    • Identify high impact ideas for your business
    • Turn promising ideas into new products via execution
    • Enhance collaboration between marketing and innovation

    Make innovation happen in your organization to enhance profitability.

  • 4:15 PM
    Case Studies
    Global Showcase – Lessons Learned from Financial Digital Marketing Trendsetters

    Financial service is a crowded market. Dive into breakthrough examples of digital marketing from FIs around the world. Draw upon their experience to enable your business to spark conversations, build engagement, and increase conversion. Source inspiration to:

    • Nurture affinity with branded communities
    • Increase participation with consumer-driven content
    • Transform sentiments into a loyalty tool
    • Engage millennials and the next generation

    Emulate best-in-class financial marketers and accelerate your digital efforts.

  • 5:00 PM
    Conference Adjourns
June 2, 2016
June 3, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Master Class Workshop
    Develop a B2B Marketing Blueprint to Strengthen Advisor Networks and Enhance Success

    This hands-on workshop will guide you on how to execute a successful B2B marketing program. Hear different perspectives from insurance and wealth management leaders. Develop tools to deepen client and advisor relationships. Improve your understanding to:

    1. Align marketing strategy with business objectives
    2. Communicate and partner with advisors
    3. Drive sales enablement and leads generation
    4. Expand digital presence – online, social, mobile, email, search
    5. Effectively measure and enhance ROI

    Activate your distribution network and engage prospects throughout the purchase cycle.

June 3, 2016

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