“Encouraging to see innovative and creative ways to solve the issues, constraints and challenges in a highly regulated industry. It’s nice to get out of your comfortable home environment to meet peers face to face, who have new and inspiring ideas.”

Andrew Artemenko, SVP, Digital Marketing & Content Strategy, Bank of America

“The content and speakers exceed my expectations!”

Susan Mitchell, Chief Compliance Officer, Oxford Financial Group

“The speakers have been great… Brainstorming and gathering different ideas and approaches to figure out where to go next to be a leader and provide the experience we want all our customers to have.”

Marc Burroni, AVP – Product Marketing, Horizons ETFs

“Content has been fantastic. The ability to interact with our peers and see how everyone is overcoming the challenges will be a big help to me.”

Murray Roach, AVP, Client Solutions Applications Services Leader, Sun Life Financial

“Very well done. Case studies were very insightful. Could easily relate to them and gained lots of useful information.”

Christiane Lalonde, Business Analyst, Desjardins Financial Security

“Excellent quality of presenters. Good variety of topics around digital issues, even beyond marketing.”

Dina Fakhry, AVP, Strategy, Standard Life

“Great breadth of topics without being overwhelming. Most presenters offered great insight with tangible take-aways.”

Jessica Dew, Marketing Associate, Hesperian Capital Management